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My name is Leonard Rosen (Hard Money Expert)

I'm also known as the Pitbull which is a name I was given many years ago by my friends and competitors due to my tenacious business approach. Somehow the name stuck throughout the years and I accepted it as part of my persona. My professional career has spanned over 30 years. In the 80's I was an anchor at the Financial News Network. Perhaps you remember me from my nightly financial news reports. After the network was sold to CNBC I was offered to host The Leonard Rosen Show, which was nationally syndicated.

Are you ready to prosper in the hard money lending industry?

With the recent implosion of the credit markets, conventional funding has become more difficult for borrowers to obtain financing. The real estate industry has always been dependent upon lenders funding loans.

We have several distinct messages which we communicate at our live national events.

Industry professionals who want to earn significant income in the hard money industry, are introduced to hard money lenders from all areas of the country. Direct lenders attend our events because they are looking for real estate opportunities to fund. The networking opportunities are outstanding. Most lenders and investors who attend our events are not be found in trade publications.

There are many industry professionals who have an interest in becoming a hard money lender. We teach how to become a banker without using any of your own money by creating a mortgage pool.

So, what is the opportunity as a hard money lender?

Conventional financing has been significantly reduced on all real estate asset classes due to the implosion of the mortgage industry and the tightening of the banks underwriting guidelines. Hard money is more relevant today than ever before. Hard money financing can be used for REO acquisition, short sales, rehab financing,foreclosure bailout and lending on commercial and residential properties. Just think of the endless opportunities.

The freedom that comes with your own deals is outstanding. Attending our national hard money event will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Your legal questions regarding banking, lending laws, mortgage pools, REO (bank owned properties) and private placement memorandums will be addressed by one of the top real estate attorneys nationwide.

Marketing hard money products is an important part of todays new business environment. We show you a proven, time tested model.
There is nothing sold at our live events.

Whether you are a hard money lender, mortgage broker or investor, I can assure you that you will be shocked at the high level of content.
This is the reason our events are always sold out.

Visit our 50 States Hard Money Lenders Directory

Visit our 50 States Hard Money Lenders Directory

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